Essences – Old

Singing Earth
Flower Essences

Here are the flower essences and the particular uses that were communicated to me as I encountered the flowers or made the essences.  There are other possible applications that may be discovered by using them.

Aster in bowl_jpg_200_Master_FLAT_5424



Aster ~ Clarity – celebration of our human form – grounding into the physical.




Bindweed ~ Transmutes negativity. Clears away emotional baggage, old dreams, old commitments and other patterns that bind us to the past or don’t even belong to us, e.g., our parents’ expectations, religious beliefs, a partner’s agenda, the “American Dream…” Allows us the space to manifest the dreams that arise in the present from our authentic selves.




Chamisa ~ Helps us stand boldly in our truth – centered and powerful. Can also inspire quiet confidence.



Chiming Bells_Master_200_jpg_2827

Chiming Bells
~ Release from disappointment or shame. Helps us recover from negative and judgmental feelings about ourselves. Helps us to drop our expectations and open to the magic of the moment.


cleome_Master_1in_jpg_ 0909


Cleome ~ Opens the crown chakra. Expands awareness of the divine and our own spiritual truth.



Dwarf Lupine
~ Brings in light. Helps us reconnect with our spiritual ancestry, bringing past wisdom and skills to the present. Assists us in using those gifts with discipline and focus…to follow through with our intentions.




Evening Primrose
~ Helps us to express our authentic selves in sexual play and passion, to “fly free” of preconceived notions of how our sexuality “should be expressed,” and to explore sexuality at a deeper level.


Aspen Leaves_Master_200_jpg_5469

Falling Leaves (Aspen)
 ~ For letting go. Helps us detach from past notions of our self and our life that no longer serve us. We can see clearly where we have been and let go. We are then free to embrace the person we are becoming and the new frequencies of the changing earth. Also an excellent choice for loss and end of life issues.



Fireweed ~ For burnout. Regenerates and renews. Relaxes and nurtures. Clears away the feeling of exhaustion and leaves a sense of peace.




Golden Banner ~ Joy, gentleness. Nourishes the heart. This is big energy. Use it to expand whatever you want more of in your life.




Indian Paintbrush
~ “Give me your fire!” Ignites the spark and supports the fire of creativity and sexuality.



Morning Glory_Master_200_jpg_7038


Morning Glory ~ Imbues us with a childlike sense of wonder. Connects us with a “see” of new possibilities, compassion for self, bright hope.




~ Animal awareness. Helps us be physically present and aware of our environment, relaxed and energized by the natural world. We can appreciate and develop our instinctive animal self. This brings both joy and protection.


Penstemon Palmeri_ Master_200_jpg_6879


Penstemon Palmeri ~ Receptivity. Gives us the ability to be open to the gifts coming to us, whether from people, nature or anywhere else. Good for those who are always giving but find it difficult to receive. Helps us to be still.




Piñon ~ A nurturing tree, it helps us to feel cared for,
teaches us how to nurture ourselves and others. It’s calming and supports the adrenals.





Sainfoin ~ Forgiveness, especially of yourself. Takes us out of effort and into play, allowing us to experience life through play.


shrubby cinquefoil_206_4999


Shrubby Cinquefoil
~ Opens us to new ideas and perspectives.  Allows us to see what we are missing when looking for a solution. Good to take when you “can’t see the forest for the trees.”


Silverleaf Nightshade_200_jpg0601


Silverleaf Nightshade ~ Star energy.  Allows us to reconnect with Essence and the alchemy within. May also be helpful in coping with the hormonal changes of aging.



Skunk_ Cabbage_200_jpg_041713


Skunk Cabbage ~ Brings strength and courage in times of monumental change.




Texas Madrone ~ Allows us to move from a linear perspective on our lives to one that is more circular, spiral, intuitive. Enhances sensuality. Helps us to enjoy the journey, not be dominated by the goal.




Tree Cholla_Master_FLAT_200jpg_6893
Tree Cholla
~ Helps set protective boundaries in young children who are free and open in expressing their budding sexuality. Helps adolescents develop appropriate boundaries around sexuality. Provides a sense of safety when recovering from times when sexual boundaries were violated. Promotes healing of issues related to sexuality.


wandbloom penstemon_virgatus_200
Photo by Russ Kleinman

Wandbloom Penstemon ~
Opens the doors of our awareness and the portals to Spirit in our hearts. Allows us to hear the voices of our ancestors, to communicate with other realms, other times.




Amsonia Tomentosa_200_Crop
Photo by John Crossley


Woolly Bluestar ~ Allows deep issues to percolate to the surface where we can meet them, deal with them, and move on. It also helps to release suppressed feelings of grief in the throat.