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Here you can open a door and look into the secret world of flowers and their healing energy. You can also shop for the flower essences that call your name.

Nature is a healer. Flowers are the expression of the plant spirits who offer us the healing energy unique to each particular form. When we sit in a field of flowers, we often feel happier, more at peace, and connected with our hearts. If we can’t connect with the flowers in person, the next best thing is a flower essence.

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On the page called Plant Spirits Speak, each plant spirit speaks for itself and shares something about the flower and the gifts it brings. There is also a catalog of individual Essences and Essence Sets (see Products).

If you are new to flower essences, you can go to the About page to learn a little more about what they are and the difference between a flower essence and an essential oil.

There is also a new page called ISSUES that can help you choose which essence can address the issue you are wanting to heal.