I have always gone to Nature for healing – even when I didn’t know I needed it. Many years ago I outfitted an old VW bus with a place to cook and a place to sleep and began a lifelong journey to find myself.Eileen_CL_Master2_250_jpg_4314 I slept in campgrounds all across the country, from California to Maine, stopping to work when I needed money. In Vermont I began learning the ways of indigenous culture from other women who knew how to set up a sweat lodge and celebrate the change of seasons.

I never heard of flower essences until my 40th birthday when a friend gave me a book by Machaelle Wright about the founding of her Center for Nature Research.   I started using her essences and loved them. But, at some point, I wanted to become the maker. I wanted to have the experience of interacting with the flowers directly and bringing their power to others.

Aster in bowl_Master_303_jpg_5424Flower essences are made by floating the petals of a flower in a bowl of water and allowing the sun to transfer the healing energy of the plant into the water. The bowl of water is left for several hours to allow the energy to stabilize. The energized water is then poured into a glass jar that is half filled with brandy, which acts as a preservative. This is the Mother Essence and it is the source used to make the smaller dropper bottles.  I have learned through my shamanic training to enhance the power of these essences with song. When I sing, I am channeling additional healing energies from Source through my higher chakras.

cropped-evening-primrose_png_flat_031913.pngMy logo contains the images of a whale and the blossoms of a Texas Madrone tree (also pictured on the contact page). Both have powerful medicine. The whale, largest creature of the sea, harkens back to the origins of life on earth. Its song reverberates for miles. It is believed that the low frequency sound waves of a humpback whale can travel more than 10,000 miles.

The Texas Madrone is a tree with a smooth spiraling bark and whorls of leaves that resemble a mandala and hint at the cyclical nature of life. It counteracts the straight edges and artificial boundaries of modern life. I adopted this tree and its blossoms as the signature flower of my essence family.


The Difference between a Flower Essence and an Essential Oil

A flower essence is not the same as an essential oil. First, there is no aroma. The essence is basically an energetic healing pattern held in water. Secondly, an essence can be ingested. Most commonly it is taken by mouth with a dropper. Most essential oils are applied to the skin or heated in a diffuser to disburse the aroma. It can be harmful to ingest them. Another difference is the amount of plant material used. An essential oil is made by distilling large amounts of flower petals or other plant material to extract the aromatic oil. A flower essence only requires a few petals or blossoms which are removed once the energy has been transferred to the water.

Flower essences are subtle energies. They don’t bowl you over. And they don’t cause any negative results. They will affect each person a little differently. If you don’t resonate with an essence, it has no ill effects. It is there if you need it. If not, it has no effect at all.

Flower essences are a great addition to other healing modalities. They can enhance the effect of various therapies or, taken alone, can facilitate understanding, healing and release of personal issues.