How to Use

There are many ways to access the healing power of flower essences. Here are a few:

  • Put 5 drops under the tongue as needed.
  • Put 5 drops in a glass of water or juice.
  • Put some on your finger and rub it on the forehead, heart, belly or any other place you want to send the healing energy.
  • Put some drops in an atomizer and spray in a room.
  • Put some drops in your bath.
  • Use the essences with your pets and in your garden.

Be creative! if you are working on a particular issue that is ongoing, you might want to use an affirmation or a visualization when you take the essence. Talk to the flower! Let the plant spirit know what you need and be grateful for the help. They are so eager to help us!

What is a flower essence?
a silent song that raises your frequency
a field of flowers in a bottle
a gift from a plant spirit
healing energy
power and light
a teacher 
fairy juice

photo © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Melpomene