I am writing to thank you for your suggestion of fireweed. I confess the title raised an eyebrow, however it also sounded fascinating. As you predicted, Eileen, the restorative qualities offered by this plant have put a little more spring in my step. I have been working many hours and apparently my body needed some loving support. This mixture has offered me a subtle renewed energy which encourages my fresh new outlook. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

In Gratitude

Mark Daniel ~ Sound Healer, Guide, Adventurer

Pink_green_Master_Vignette_FLAT_2_2849pure and sweet healing modality”

I love your flower essences!  I was amazed at the energy vibration of the essences. I started using Fireweed for the burnout overworked state, and I could really feel a difference within the first week of using it, even though my work load did not change. How my mind was handling it certainly did.

I also purchased the Joyful Heart set and experienced a great healing of forgiveness with myself and others using Sainfoin, and really enjoyed the Golden Banner of joy and the childlike wonder of Morning Glory.

Thank you for your work with the plants and providing a powerful yet pure and sweet healing modality.

Linda Johns ~ Healer and Animal Communicator



After 5 drops under the tongue, I felt my energy less foggy in my head and felt the energy flowing down to my feet and could feel my feet on the ground more than usual. I felt more relaxed.

Vandya Hopkins ~ Essential Oils Practitioner, Intuitive

Aspen Leaves_Master_Circle_5469

Falling Leaves

Fear of creating my life the way I want it gave way to a feeling of moving forward in the perfect timing. A knowing that the only “security” is my connection to Source. Feeling of  freed energy to pursue a new life and livelihood.

Krista Aliah


Powerful Essences

I have been working with the Singing Earth Flower Essences for over five years – on myself as well as my clients – and find them to be of superior quality and integrity. Each plant spirit is unique and “sings” its own specific healing energy. They work on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well as the physical, so the benefits are all-encompassing. The following are some of my favorites.

Falling Leaves assists all four etheric bodies in letting go of those energies that are not compatible with Essence. Bindweed has an interesting quality in which it appears to surround and transmute an old negative pattern. Feltleaf (Woolly) Bluestar brings deep fears and issues to the surface to be healed and is particularly helpful for clearing traumas to the throat. Indian Paintbrush enhances passion and creativity on many levels.

I highly recommend all of these Singing Earth essences as I am incredibly impressed with their quality and with the results I have experienced in my own healing process.

Karen Torres ~ Psychic Healer and Shamanic Practitioner



I do love your piñon. It seems to work in a different way than Rescue Remedy, but really calms the jangles completely.

Sally Blakemore ~ Artist, Musician, Paper Engineer