Plant Spirits Speak

Blazing star

Mentzelia open_400_8469 copy (1)Come…walk with me. The day is ending, the shadows are lengthening, the sun’s rays are softer. The busiest part of your day is over. You don’t need to think so hard with your brain. It’s time to listen with your heart.

The path ahead is unclear. It’s okay if you’re a little confused. You can’t rely on the past for direction…and the future? It’s yours to create. You are a child in this new reality. You will learn by doing. Play, experiment, take risks.

My flowers are open in the in between times, after the bright light of day and before the dark of night. I’m here to teach you how to navigate the lights and shadows of your own existence on this planet.

I will support you. If you get stuck, I can help you get unstuck. I will help you through your transition. Look to your heart, your intuition. That’s where you’ll find your light. Your light, along with the light of others, is the blazing star that will guide you.

Blue Grama Grass

Seedheads on stock_450_Master_8606 copyWe kiss the Earth and hold it dear. Our roots protect the soil and we raise our seed banners up toward the sun. When the wind comes, our seeds fly into the air and populate the bare earth to start new communities of green life upon the land.

You, too, can bring new life to the planet. We can help you anchor to your heart and build a life you’ve never imagined. I invite you to share in my essence so you can feel at one with the Earth and find solace away from the busyness of your mind. Pachamama invites you to join in her evolution. Leave fear behind and embrace wholeness. When you emerge back into the world, you will be filled with light and inspiration. Seek out the other members of your community and spread the seeds of a new garden. You can create new forms that are in perfect harmony with all the beings sharing this planet with you.

Woolly Bluestar

I live in the high desert of the Southwest – a small inconspicuous bloom, low to the ground. It’s easy to pass me by without noticing my presence. My petals are anchored in a bright yellow center that tells you something about my gifts.

I can help you dive deep into your subconscious, illuminating old memories or emotions that got stuck there because they were too painful to bear. Like a laser, I beam a light down into the remote corners of your being that are too dark to see.

You may feel the pain of loss or grief for what you have forgotten, but I am here to help you unearth what is buried so it can be lifted and you can fill that space with light and joy. My leaves are soft to the touch like the wool on a baby lamb. I care for you gently as you arise fresh and new from your older self.


I am of the Family of Light and I’ve come to remind you how important it is for you to be fully grounded in the physical. You are Spirit and you are Human. What a combination! You sometimes spend way too much time in your head or trying to purify yourself to become more “spiritual,” ignoring your body.

Don’t forget that your spirit has taken a human form for a reason – to learn, to experiment, to experience the beauty of the world with human eyes and ears, to feel grounded by the gravity of the earth, pulling you towards its center, to delight in the smells and tastes of the earth, to feel the energy of walking, swimming, running, letting the wind embrace your body as it
flies by.

Be fully in your body and take good care of it. Talk to your body and listen to its message. Allow and encourage your body to feel joy at being alive – fully alive – using all your senses, in all its sensuality and sexuality. Love your body. Celebrate your physical form! This is the way Spirit expresses itself.

Skunk Cabbage

I don’t stand alone. We grow in large clumps, sometimes so tall and thick, we look like a forest. Our stems are thick and strong, our leaves long and broad, emerging in a graceful curtain of green. Small white flowers grow in clusters at the top. We are part of an unfailing ecosystem, fed by the rain from above and the rich moist soil below.

Our gift to you is the physical strength and stamina to get you through these challenging times. We support you on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Remember that you don’t stand alone. You are connected to the web of life that surrounds the planet. Know that there are resources beyond your comprehension available to you at all times. Just ask.

Shrubby Cinquefoil

Potentilla fruticosa_450_canstock

From a distance, I’m just a plain old bush with some little white flowers growing out of it…not especially flashy or colorful. But if you get up really close, you’ll see how beautiful those flowers are. Perspective counts! So does patience. My form is quite unique among the members of the rose family, as is my healing pattern.

Think of me in those moments when you find yourself saying, “I think I’m missing something here…” Often when you are looking for how to resolve a problem, the solution is staring you in the face. You are just too preoccupied to see it. You’re thinking too much. You’re stuck in the wrong lane.

I can help you see the bigger picture, look from a new angle, or allow in the details you’ve missed. If you let go of your single minded focus and relax your mind, the answers you seek can be accessed. Very helpful, don’t you think!



Falling Leaves ~ Aspen

We bring you joy when you see our leaves dancing in the wind, the sunlight sparking off each surface, and you hear a soft clicking sound floating on the air. This is only possible because we hold our leaves so gingerly on a very fine stem, allowing them to move freely.

As summer turns to fall and the days become shorter, the nights colder, we pull in our nutrient resources, allowing the leaves to fall away. The promise of new life is present in each falling leaf, dry and spent, yet brilliant gold, inspiring awe as it flutters to the ground to become one with Mother Earth. As winter descends upon us, we take refuge in our roots. We relax into sleep. It’s time to rest and store up energy for the burst of new life that will happen in spring. We are glad for the change for we know we will be able to grow taller and stronger and our family will thrive.

Our gift to you is one of trust in your own change and growth, helping you let go of who you thought you were, of old patterns and beliefs, of disappointment and loss. It’s time to leave your old self behind so you can embrace who you are becoming in this new reality. Know that it’s all part of the cycle of life that is perfectly attuned to Source.


White HollyhockWe came from the stars, like so many of you. We adapted quickly and produced many blossoms, each of which has a distinct five pointed star in the center, a symbol of balance and harmony.

We grow in gardens as well as places where nothing else thrives, at the edges where the soil is hard and dry, through cracks in the asphalt, from beneath gravel, next to paths where no one gardens. We find the sustenance we need. Our flowers are plenty.

We have fun playing with color. It’s one of the benefits of living on this beautiful planet. Though we must admit, you humans have much more opportunity to display color. As you grow from infancy to adulthood, you develop an amazing uniqueness in your outward appearance, your emotional makeup, your lifestyle, and your understanding of the world. This is the current story you are building, and everyone is unique. We want to help you accept and celebrate your diversity.

We can help you adapt to unfamiliar circumstances, to people and places you have not previously encountered, in times that require skills you haven’t needed before. Don’t resist the environment you find yourself in. You can find what sustains you and relish it.

You’ve noticed we like to grow next to people’s homes. We are aware that you humans are often in pain, and some of it is so old. You don’t need to keep carrying it around. You don’t even need to know the story surrounding it. It’s an energy we can help you transform.

Bring beauty to the piece of planet Earth where you live. Look for the goodness and beauty around you and be a light. Show off your colors so others take notice. Don’t let old pain hold you back. Listen to the wisdom of other forms – the trees, the wind, the birds, animals, stones, your own body. They all have much to share with you.


Sanfoin_Dark_jpg_300_close_5126I am the pink lady of the meadow. I grow in clusters, spreading myself generously over an open sunny area. And, sometimes, I pop up singly where one of my seeds happened to land. I grace the land with a lovely pink aura that invites joy to come and abide.

I can help you with the most important relationship you have – your relationship with yourself. I remind you to have compassion for yourself. It isn’t easy to be a human. I give you the ability to forgive yourself for your perceived faults and imperfections. I teach you how to live in a spirit of play. Most humans take themselves too seriously. That doesn’t serve you. Let go of that burden of self importance. You are part of a much bigger picture. Relax. Be aware of the beauty around you. Give thanks. Let go of the breath you are holding and allow the circle of life to flow through you. Life can be fun! Be playful!


Little Flower Penstemon

Little Flower PenstemonI’m calling to you. My blossoms are like trumpets, waking you up. I love to grow in a field with hundreds of others like myself. The bees and butterflies gather round us for a grand feast – mosquitoes too! They love a party!

Each of my blossoms is small, but taken together, we make an awesome display. We want you to pay attention now. What is it that gets in the way of your well being? What brings you down? Do people take you for granted? Dismiss your needs? Do you consider yourself unworthy of respect or too insignificant to matter?

We can help you take notice and motivate you to take a stand. Blow your own trumpet! Express your needs. You can attract beauty and respect by being one hundred percent you. We are just little flowers yet we have an essential role to play in the circle of life. So do you!

Sing your song so that all can hear, so that your truth can be heard. Reach deep into your heart and anchor yourself to the light in there. Don’t be shy. Don’t be overlooked. You always have something to contribute, even if it is silence, or your very presence.

You have no idea who is listening to your song and how it fits into the chorus of life around you. And so I play my trumpets to wake you up and encourage you to play your song as well. You are worthy of all the respect and love that comes your way.


Crandall’s Penstemon

Crandall's PenstemonBreathing…listening… Your mind is a lot bigger than your brain…or your heart…or your body. Your spirit reaches out to a larger world, both the visible and the invisible. Slow down and breathe.

Time is a construct. All thoughts, desires, events, perceptions tumble around in a swirl of reality. You can tune in to what surrounds you…voices of the past, your future selves, emotions grounded in the land. It’s all present and malleable. The wind is invisible, yet it has a voice. Are shadows real? You can see them, but you can’t pick them up and carry them away. What is sound? It bounces around everywhere but you can’t bottle it. There is so much of reality out there that speaks to you by its very presence and some that you can only perceive through those clairvoyant channels you have been trained to ignore.

It’s time to reactivate your ability to communicate with other realms of existence. We are all One. There is no separation. I can help you open to the voices from the land, from your ancestors, the plants and animals. All you need to do is ask.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory2_lighter_450_7037You will find me growing under the late summer sun, opening in the early morning hours when the world is fresh and new. I unfurl my flowers in a glorious display. I am the color of the sky – blue, expansive, limitless. Inside my blossom is a five pointed star and, at its center, a bright golden light.

If you allow yourself to be drawn into my presence, everything stops. You become still and drop into your heart. I transport you to a place of childlike wonder where everything is new and your whole life is ahead of you. Momentarily, your filters disappear and you are one with creation. I encourage you to relax and enjoy the moment.