Falling Leaves ~ Aspen

We bring you joy when you see our leaves dancing in the wind, the sunlight sparking off each surface, and you hear a soft clicking sound floating on the air. This is only possible because we hold our leaves so gingerly on a very fine stem, allowing them to move freely.

As summer turns to fall and the days become shorter, the nights colder, we pull in our nutrient resources, allowing the leaves to fall away. The promise of new life is present in each falling leaf, dry and spent, yet brilliant gold, inspiring awe as it flutters to the ground to become one with Mother Earth. As winter descends upon us, we take refuge in our roots. We relax into sleep. It’s time to rest and store up energy for the burst of new life that will happen in spring. We are glad for the change for we know we will be able to grow taller and stronger and our family will thrive.

Our gift to you is one of trust in your own change and growth, helping you let go of who you thought you were, of old patterns and beliefs, of disappointment and loss. It’s time to leave your old self behind so you can embrace who you are becoming in this new reality. Know that it’s all part of the cycle of life that is perfectly attuned to Source.