Essence Sets

Set 1 ~ Saving Grace

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This group of essences offers support in times of trauma,
burnout, loss, disappointment or simply a need
to be strong in difficult situations.

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Chiming Bells – Release from disappointment or shame. Helps us to drop our expectations and open to the magic of the moment.

Falling Leaves (Aspen) – For letting go. Helps us detach from past notions of ourself that no longer serve us. Frees us to embrace the person we are becoming and the new frequencies of the changing earth. Excellent choice for end of life issues.

Fireweed – For burnout. Regenerates and renews. Relaxes and nurtures. Like a wildfire, cleans out the debris of old patterns and makes room for new growth.

Piñon – A nurturing tree, it helps us to feel cared for, releaves stress, supports the adrenals.

Skunk Cabbage – Brings strength and courage in times of monumental change.

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Set 2 ~ Joyful Heart

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This set contains essences that
encourage passion,
creativity, presence
and play

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Golden Banner – Joy, gentleness. Nourishes the heart. This is big energy. Use it to expand what you want more of in your life.

Sainfoin – Forgiveness, especially of yourself. Takes us out of effort and into play, allowing us to experience life through play.

Indian Paintbrush – Ignites the spark and supports the fire of creativity and sexuality.

Texas Madrone – Allows us to move from a linear perspective on our lives to one that is more circular, spiral, intuitive. Enhances sensuality. Helps us to enjoy the journey, not be dominated by the goal.

Morning Glory – Imbues us with a childlike sense of wonder, connects us with a “see” of possibilities, compassion for self, bright hope.

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