Woolly Bluestar

I live in the high desert of the Southwest – a small inconspicuous bloom, low to the ground. It’s easy to pass me by without noticing my presence. My petals are anchored in a bright yellow center that tells you something about my gifts.

I can help you dive deep into your subconscious, illuminating old memories or emotions that got stuck there because they were too painful to bear. Like a laser, I beam a light down into the remote corners of your being that are too dark to see.

You may feel the pain of loss or grief for what you have forgotten, but I am here to help you unearth what is buried so it can be lifted and you can fill that space with light and joy. My leaves are soft to the touch like the wool on a baby lamb. I care for you gently as you arise fresh and new from your older self.

January ~ Bindweed

Bindweed_400_ jpg_2871I am Bindweed, Master of all. I creep along the ground and up the stems of anything in my path. I make white flowers, pink flowers, lots of them. Gardeners think I am insidious. They see me as a cancer in their garden because I have no rules, no boundaries. I climb up and across. I proliferate. I take over.

My gift to you is my power to envelope and smother those stubborn patterns of mind you have collected, inherited or otherwise brought into your consciousness, including those loyalties to your culture…the ones that imprison you and make you do things that don’t serve you. I can free you from those patterns that are ingrained in you, making you say, “I followed all the rules. Why is my life not working?!”

Don’t be fooled by the fragility of my blossoms. My roots go deep and are nearly impossible to pull out…just like the negative patterns that keep you attached to your past. Because I know what binds me to the earth and to anything above ground, I understand the depth of your attachment to the energies and beliefs that surround you. I know how to help you find your authentic self, that which is you, apart from any influences that have taken a foothold in your soul. I allow you to dream new dreams. I give you the space to create new ways of being. You can free yourself from your history. It’s a big step! Are you ready?