Woolly Bluestar

I live in the high desert of the Southwest – a small inconspicuous bloom, low to the ground. It’s easy to pass me by without noticing my presence. My petals are anchored in a bright yellow center that tells you something about my gifts.

I can help you dive deep into your subconscious, illuminating old memories or emotions that got stuck there because they were too painful to bear. Like a laser, I beam a light down into the remote corners of your being that are too dark to see.

You may feel the pain of loss or grief for what you have forgotten, but I am here to help you unearth what is buried so it can be lifted and you can fill that space with light and joy. My leaves are soft to the touch like the wool on a baby lamb. I care for you gently as you arise fresh and new from your older self.


White HollyhockWe came from the stars, like so many of you. We adapted quickly and produced many blossoms, each of which has a distinct five pointed star in the center, a symbol of balance and harmony.

We grow in gardens as well as places where nothing else thrives, at the edges where the soil is hard and dry, through cracks in the asphalt, from beneath gravel, next to paths where no one gardens. We find the sustenance we need. Our flowers are plenty.

We have fun playing with color. It’s one of the benefits of living on this beautiful planet. Though we must admit, you humans have much more opportunity to display color. As you grow from infancy to adulthood, you develop an amazing uniqueness in your outward appearance, your emotional makeup, your lifestyle, and your understanding of the world. This is the current story you are building, and everyone is unique. We want to help you accept and celebrate your diversity.

We can help you adapt to unfamiliar circumstances, to people and places you have not previously encountered, in times that require skills you haven’t needed before. Don’t resist the environment you find yourself in. You can find what sustains you and relish it.

You’ve noticed we like to grow next to people’s homes. We are aware that you humans are often in pain, and some of it is so old. You don’t need to keep carrying it around. You don’t even need to know the story surrounding it. It’s an energy we can help you transform.

Bring beauty to the piece of planet Earth where you live. Look for the goodness and beauty around you and be a light. Show off your colors so others take notice. Don’t let old pain hold you back. Listen to the wisdom of other forms – the trees, the wind, the birds, animals, stones, your own body. They all have much to share with you.