Blazing star

Mentzelia open_400_8469 copy (1)Come…walk with me. The day is ending, the shadows are lengthening, the sun’s rays are softer. The busiest part of your day is over. You don’t need to think so hard with your brain. It’s time to listen with your heart.

The path ahead is unclear. It’s okay if you’re a little confused. You can’t rely on the past for direction…and the future? It’s yours to create. You are a child in this new reality. You will learn by doing. Play, experiment, take risks.

My flowers are open in the in between times, after the bright light of day and before the dark of night. I’m here to teach you how to navigate the lights and shadows of your own existence on this planet.

I will support you. If you get stuck, I can help you get unstuck. I will help you through your transition. Look to your heart, your intuition. That’s where you’ll find your light. Your light, along with the light of others, is the blazing star that will guide you.

Blue Grama Grass

Seedheads on stock_450_Master_8606 copyWe kiss the Earth and hold it dear. Our roots protect the soil and we raise our seed banners up toward the sun. When the wind comes, our seeds fly into the air and populate the bare earth to start new communities of green life upon the land.

You, too, can bring new life to the planet. We can help you anchor to your heart and build a life you’ve never imagined. I invite you to share in my essence so you can feel at one with the Earth and find solace away from the busyness of your mind. Pachamama invites you to join in her evolution. Leave fear behind and embrace wholeness. When you emerge back into the world, you will be filled with light and inspiration. Seek out the other members of your community and spread the seeds of a new garden. You can create new forms that are in perfect harmony with all the beings sharing this planet with you.

September ~ Dwarf Lupine

Dwarf Lupine_Master_450_jpg_4882You found me growing in the ancient red soil of the desert.
I reminded you of your ancestral lineage, your spiritual heritage. When you work with me, I take you back to your self when you knew your power.  I help you see your path in this lifetime, direct you to the helpers that are here for you. I bring you out of confusion, help you see a new direction or better understand where you are already going. Your life on this planet is full of distraction. It takes a long time to grow up and know who you are. I am forever, not temporary. You are forever, too. I will remind you of who you really are, beyond family, culture, society, planet. You are an eternal being, bringing your gifts through this human form. I will help  you find your place and the joy of being there. I bring in light so you can see yourself and know yourself better.

August ~ Chiming Bells

Chiming Bells_Master_071319_400jpg_6972 I announce my presence gently. I look like your bells – the little bells used in ceremonies and celebrations…not loud and boisterous, but kind of quiet. I am here to remind you there is a bright side whenever you are feeling disappointment or shame. I help you sing to yourself a song of healing. I help you come back from your negative feelings – your feelings of despair or guilt or shame or just feeling flat. “I failed again.” I redirect your vision so you can see the bigger picture. I give you a gift…something to help you connect with your goodness. I help you flip from the dark to the light, to take a fresh new breath and know you are beautiful. I give you the patience to wait through that moment of darkness and allow the light to come in…because it always will. I am singing a note of joy, though you might not hear it with your ears. My song will nudge you to come out of your shell and say hello to the world around you and take your place in it once more.


June ~ Golden Banner

Gold_Banner_Sharp_450_single_2798I am golden. I light up the forest with my bright yellow blossoms. I pour light into your heart, filling it with energy to help you fulfill your dreams. My petals hold secrets of the woodlands. They are  doors that reveal secrets as I gradually open them to reveal my heart. I bring you joy and teach you how to follow your path with ease. No worries, no doubts. You are here on earth to enjoy the beauty of creation. Dream! Imagine! What is your heart’s desire? Think big and think happy. I can light the way.  We are many. We grow in community. When in our company, your heart chakra expands to include more of the life around you. You don’t have to reach out and grab it. It’s already here. Relax into the beauty of creation. You are part of it.