Blue Grama Grass

Seedheads on stock_450_Master_8606 copyWe kiss the Earth and hold it dear. Our roots protect the soil and we raise our seed banners up toward the sun. When the wind comes, our seeds fly into the air and populate the bare earth to start new communities of green life upon the land.

You, too, can bring new life to the planet. We can help you anchor to your heart and build a life you’ve never imagined. I invite you to share in my essence so you can feel at one with the Earth and find solace away from the busyness of your mind. Pachamama invites you to join in her evolution. Leave fear behind and embrace wholeness. When you emerge back into the world, you will be filled with light and inspiration. Seek out the other members of your community and spread the seeds of a new garden. You can create new forms that are in perfect harmony with all the beings sharing this planet with you.

March ~ Indian Paintbrush

indian-paintbrush_2_450_pl_spk_6299I am a dancer. I move the air in a chorus of joyful whispers. My blossoms paint the world around me with the life force of the earth, coming up through my roots and painting the sky. I am related to the fire of life, that which creates and procreates.

When you partake of my energy, I light you on fire with inspiration and imagination. You delight in life and seek a deeper and more expansive expression of love. As a human living on this planet, you need to be creative in order to thrive.

Free yourself from the box you’ve built around yourself and experience the freedom of being untethered. Dare to try the new and different. Sing a new song, the song of your self. Show yourself with honesty and integrity…and a bit of humor. There’s so much more to you than you realize. Take heart from the beauty of the world around you. Let it be food for your spirit. And dance with me!