August ~ Chiming Bells

Chiming Bells_Master_071319_400jpg_6972 I announce my presence gently. I look like your bells – the little bells used in ceremonies and celebrations…not loud and boisterous, but kind of quiet. I am here to remind you there is a bright side whenever you are feeling disappointment or shame. I help you sing to yourself a song of healing. I help you come back from your negative feelings – your feelings of despair or guilt or shame or just feeling flat. “I failed again.” I redirect your vision so you can see the bigger picture. I give you a gift…something to help you connect with your goodness. I help you flip from the dark to the light, to take a fresh new breath and know you are beautiful. I give you the patience to wait through that moment of darkness and allow the light to come in…because it always will. I am singing a note of joy, though you might not hear it with your ears. My song will nudge you to come out of your shell and say hello to the world around you and take your place in it once more.