Plant Spirits Speak

April ~ Piñon

Pinon_Master_450_jpg_4993Hello! I am Piñon. My tree is round, robust and generous. My branches support lots of critters that land on me for a brief moment or a longer stay. Being well suited to the dry climate of the Southwest, I thrive in the sandy soil that I enrich with layers of needles, pine cones and old dead branches to make a rich fertile compost that feeds my roots.

I am a mother tree, providing food for birds, mammals and humans alike. You can come to me for nurturing, delicious nuts or a little shade. I can teach you how to have compassion for yourself and others. I can help mend the parts of your body that suffer from too much worry. My needles are a joy to cradle in your hand. I am calming. Think how you feel when you inhale the sweet scent of pine after a rainfall. I am happy to serve you and adopt you as part of my family. There is much caring and love here.

March ~ Indian Paintbrush

indian-paintbrush_2_450_pl_spk_6299I am a dancer. I move the air in a chorus of joyful whispers. My blossoms paint the world around me with the life force of the earth, coming up through my roots and painting the sky. I am related to the fire of life, that which creates and procreates.

When you partake of my energy, I light you on fire with inspiration and imagination. You delight in life and seek a deeper and more expansive expression of love. As a human living on this planet, you need to be creative in order to thrive.

Free yourself from the box you’ve built around yourself and experience the freedom of being untethered. Dare to try the new and different. Sing a new song, the song of your self. Show yourself with honesty and integrity…and a bit of humor. There’s so much more to you than you realize. Take heart from the beauty of the world around you. Let it be food for your spirit. And dance with me!

February ~ Texas Madrone

TX_M_400_3809First thing you noticed was my smooth bark. I enjoyed your hands on my trunk, my branches, feeling my skin. Later you discovered the circular nature of my leaf clusters and the way my branches grow in curves to a final point where the leaves pop out like a fireworks display, exploding outward in celebration. I reflect the colors of the earth around me, my trunk and branches manifesting in reds, browns, stone and sand. Sensuality is one of my qualities, as well as strength and flexibility, conspicuous in my form.

My growth pattern flows like a meandering stream. My life is renewed each year as the old bark peels away to reveal the light pink skin of new growth. If a branch grows old and dry, I simply turn and continue to grow in a new direction. From the circle of my leaves grows a cluster of small white flowers that resemble tiny clay jars turned upside down. From these emerge the bright red-orange berries of fall.

I remind you to savor the beauty of your own body and to be resilient in the face of change. Experience the world with trust and joy, being open to the twists and turns of life, not as you planned, but as it happens. Intention is important. Being open to the moment is essential. Don’t worry if you encounter obstacles between point A and point B. Regard them with curiosity and patience. Straight lines are anathema in Nature. So it is with your life. Enjoy the curves, the bumps, the detours. They all add up to a full rich experience that blossoms and bears fruit.

January ~ Bindweed

Bindweed_400_ jpg_2871I am Bindweed, Master of all. I creep along the ground and up the stems of anything in my path. I make white flowers, pink flowers, lots of them. Gardeners think I am insidious. They see me as a cancer in their garden because I have no rules, no boundaries. I climb up and across. I proliferate. I take over.

My gift to you is my power to envelope and smother those stubborn patterns of mind you have collected, inherited or otherwise brought into your consciousness, including those loyalties to your culture…the ones that imprison you and make you do things that don’t serve you. I can free you from those patterns that are ingrained in you, making you say, “I followed all the rules. Why is my life not working?!”

Don’t be fooled by the fragility of my blossoms. My roots go deep and are nearly impossible to pull out…just like the negative patterns that keep you attached to your past. Because I know what binds me to the earth and to anything above ground, I understand the depth of your attachment to the energies and beliefs that surround you. I know how to help you find your authentic self, that which is you, apart from any influences that have taken a foothold in your soul. I allow you to dream new dreams. I give you the space to create new ways of being. You can free yourself from your history. It’s a big step! Are you ready?

December ~ Penstemon Palmeri

Penstemon Palmeri_ Master_425_jpg_6879My blossoms are round pink bowls with a golden starburst attached to the lip. I am a receiver, open to anything that nourishes me and grateful for it – air, water, the light and warmth of the sun. My stems form a circle with the blossoms facing outward in every direction. My leaves are shaped like funnels to catch each drop of rainfall. I sense the vibration of life around me – the wind swishing through the grasses and leaves, the insects, birds and animals moving about, even the timbre of your machines as they pass. And I bless the air around me with my scent – sweet and welcoming.

I can teach you how to receive with grace, to take goodness into your heart. I can teach you how to give in a way that brings you joy with no expectation of return. Be still and open your heart. Make room for the goodness coming your way. You are worthy. Remember, the Giver and Receiver are one.

November ~Chamisa

Chamisa_Master_450_jpg_6474I am bold and brash. I fill the arroyos and roadsides with my presence. I have a strong odor that some would call “stinky.” My bright orange flowers announce the change of seasons from summer to fall. They hang on for a long time. I am oblivious to those who would rather I be gone. I am not concerned with what they think of me. Once I establish my slender green stems and plentiful roots into the earth, I remain and proliferate.

When you encounter me, you are immersed in the strength and endurance of creation. You are solid. You are able to stand your ground and speak your mind. I give you courage and the desire to be who you are in a culture that needs to hear what you have to say. Don’t be timid. Don’t fear what others may think. You are uniquely powerful as you are in the moment. You may not be popular, but you have the courage to speak your truth. This is what is needed in today’s world.

October ~ Mullein

Mullein_Master_450_jpg_7034I am present. I listen. I have fuzzy furry leaves that are pleasant to touch. I put a softness in your day, lighten your heart. My flowers are like little suns, coming for a day, then falling away like a flowery sunset. I am present and aware of everything going on around me. The bugs come and tickle the hairs on my leaves. The bees buzz, the beetles crawl. The sun lights up my leaves and makes them transparent.

I stand tall and take it all in. It’s all fun! It’s a great adventure to be alive. Look around you! What are you missing? What is tickling your leaves? Open your eyes, your ears, your heart, feel your skin. Feel your animal self! Your body is a gift. Find your water of life and allow it to wash over your roots. Put your feet in the dirt, sit on a rock, smell the earth, hear the birdsong. Stand tall and welcome the wind. I give you the gift of awareness. Notice your environment. Come down out of your head and inhabit your entire body. Be a new you everyday…and enjoy the ride.

September ~ Dwarf Lupine

Dwarf Lupine_Master_450_jpg_4882You found me growing in the ancient red soil of the desert.
I reminded you of your ancestral lineage, your spiritual heritage. When you work with me, I take you back to your self when you knew your power.  I help you see your path in this lifetime, direct you to the helpers that are here for you. I bring you out of confusion, help you see a new direction or better understand where you are already going. Your life on this planet is full of distraction. It takes a long time to grow up and know who you are. I am forever, not temporary. You are forever, too. I will remind you of who you really are, beyond family, culture, society, planet. You are an eternal being, bringing your gifts through this human form. I will help  you find your place and the joy of being there. I bring in light so you can see yourself and know yourself better.

August ~ Chiming Bells

Chiming Bells_Master_071319_400jpg_6972 I announce my presence gently. I look like your bells – the little bells used in ceremonies and celebrations…not loud and boisterous, but kind of quiet. I am here to remind you there is a bright side whenever you are feeling disappointment or shame. I help you sing to yourself a song of healing. I help you come back from your negative feelings – your feelings of despair or guilt or shame or just feeling flat. “I failed again.” I redirect your vision so you can see the bigger picture. I give you a gift…something to help you connect with your goodness. I help you flip from the dark to the light, to take a fresh new breath and know you are beautiful. I give you the patience to wait through that moment of darkness and allow the light to come in…because it always will. I am singing a note of joy, though you might not hear it with your ears. My song will nudge you to come out of your shell and say hello to the world around you and take your place in it once more.


July ~ Fireweed

Fireweed_400_jpg_5337First you’ll notice my bright pink rounded petals. Between them are the dark red ones, slim, shaped like tongues of fire. I suggest fire, yet I bring you coolness. I can be found in forested areas, in meadows, beside trails and streams. I like wet places. My essence radiates peace and a feeling that all is well. I am the flower that rises from the blackened soil of a forest fire. When I show my face, you know that renewal has begun.

You humans use the expression of “burning a candle at both ends.” It becomes too hot to handle and too dangerous to put down. You are going in too many directions at once and not giving yourself a chance to stop… and reflect. Or stop and rest. Finally, you are burned out. There is nothing left.

I am the life that springs up after destruction. When your spirit feels overwhelmed and exhausted, that is a moment of truth. In that moment, I can help you to stop and allow yourself to regenerate. You can relax and rebalance. I bring you relief and refresh your spirit. You can start over. It is your chance to feel solid ground under your feet. Welcome back to earth!

June ~ Golden Banner

Gold_Banner_Sharp_450_single_2798I am golden. I light up the forest with my bright yellow blossoms. I pour light into your heart, filling it with energy to help you fulfill your dreams. My petals hold secrets of the woodlands. They are  doors that reveal secrets as I gradually open them to reveal my heart. I bring you joy and teach you how to follow your path with ease. No worries, no doubts. You are here on earth to enjoy the beauty of creation. Dream! Imagine! What is your heart’s desire? Think big and think happy. I can light the way.  We are many. We grow in community. When in our company, your heart chakra expands to include more of the life around you. You don’t have to reach out and grab it. It’s already here. Relax into the beauty of creation. You are part of it.