December ~ Penstemon Palmeri

Penstemon Palmeri_ Master_425_jpg_6879My blossoms are round pink bowls with a golden starburst attached to the lip. I am a receiver, open to anything that nourishes me and grateful for it – air, water, the light and warmth of the sun. My stems form a circle with the blossoms facing outward in every direction. My leaves are shaped like funnels to catch each drop of rainfall. I sense the vibration of life around me – the wind swishing through the grasses and leaves, the insects, birds and animals moving about, even the timbre of your machines as they pass. And I bless the air around me with my scent – sweet and welcoming.

I can teach you how to receive with grace, to take goodness into your heart. I can teach you how to give in a way that brings you joy with no expectation of return. Be still and open your heart. Make room for the goodness coming your way. You are worthy. Remember, the Giver and Receiver are one.