November ~Chamisa

Chamisa_Master_450_jpg_6474I am bold and brash. I fill the arroyos and roadsides with my presence. I have a strong odor that some would call “stinky.” My bright orange flowers announce the change of seasons from summer to fall. They hang on for a long time. I am oblivious to those who would rather I be gone. I am not concerned with what they think of me. Once I establish my slender green stems and plentiful roots into the earth, I remain and proliferate.

When you encounter me, you are immersed in the strength and endurance of creation. You are solid. You are able to stand your ground and speak your mind. I give you courage and the desire to be who you are in a culture that needs to hear what you have to say. Don’t be timid. Don’t fear what others may think. You are uniquely powerful as you are in the moment. You may not be popular, but you have the courage to speak your truth. This is what is needed in today’s world.