Little Flower Penstemon

Little Flower PenstemonI’m calling to you. My blossoms are like trumpets, waking you up. I love to grow in a field with hundreds of others like myself. The bees and butterflies gather round us for a grand feast – mosquitoes too! They love a party!

Each of my blossoms is small, but taken together, we make an awesome display. We want you to pay attention now. What is it that gets in the way of your well being? What brings you down? Do people take you for granted? Dismiss your needs? Do you consider yourself unworthy of respect or too insignificant to matter?

We can help you take notice and motivate you to take a stand. Blow your own trumpet! Express your needs. You can attract beauty and respect by being one hundred percent you. We are just little flowers yet we have an essential role to play in the circle of life. So do you!

Sing your song so that all can hear, so that your truth can be heard. Reach deep into your heart and anchor yourself to the light in there. Don’t be shy. Don’t be overlooked. You always have something to contribute, even if it is silence, or your very presence.

You have no idea who is listening to your song and how it fits into the chorus of life around you. And so I play my trumpets to wake you up and encourage you to play your song as well. You are worthy of all the respect and love that comes your way.