Sanfoin_Dark_jpg_300_close_5126I am the pink lady of the meadow. I grow in clusters, spreading myself generously over an open sunny area. And, sometimes, I pop up singly where one of my seeds happened to land. I grace the land with a lovely pink aura that invites joy to come and abide.

I can help you with the most important relationship you have – your relationship with yourself. I remind you to have compassion for yourself. It isn’t easy to be a human. I give you the ability to forgive yourself for your perceived faults and imperfections. I teach you how to live in a spirit of play. Most humans take themselves too seriously. That doesn’t serve you. Let go of that burden of self importance. You are part of a much bigger picture. Relax. Be aware of the beauty around you. Give thanks. Let go of the breath you are holding and allow the circle of life to flow through you. Life can be fun! Be playful!