October ~ Mullein

Mullein_Master_450_jpg_7034I am present. I listen. I have fuzzy furry leaves that are pleasant to touch. I put a softness in your day, lighten your heart. My flowers are like little suns, coming for a day, then falling away like a flowery sunset. I am present and aware of everything going on around me. The bugs come and tickle the hairs on my leaves. The bees buzz, the beetles crawl. The sun lights up my leaves and makes them transparent.

I stand tall and take it all in. It’s all fun! It’s a great adventure to be alive. Look around you! What are you missing? What is tickling your leaves? Open your eyes, your ears, your heart, feel your skin. Feel your animal self! Your body is a gift. Find your water of life and allow it to wash over your roots. Put your feet in the dirt, sit on a rock, smell the earth, hear the birdsong. Stand tall and welcome the wind. I give you the gift of awareness. Notice your environment. Come down out of your head and inhabit your entire body. Be a new you everyday…and enjoy the ride.