February ~ Texas Madrone

TX_M_400_3809First thing you noticed was my smooth bark. I enjoyed your hands on my trunk, my branches, feeling my skin. Later you discovered the circular nature of my leaf clusters and the way my branches grow in curves to a final point where the leaves pop out like a fireworks display, exploding outward in celebration. I reflect the colors of the earth around me, my trunk and branches manifesting in reds, browns, stone and sand. Sensuality is one of my qualities, as well as strength and flexibility, conspicuous in my form.

My growth pattern flows like a meandering stream. My life is renewed each year as the old bark peels away to reveal the light pink skin of new growth. If a branch grows old and dry, I simply turn and continue to grow in a new direction. From the circle of my leaves grows a cluster of small white flowers that resemble tiny clay jars turned upside down. From these emerge the bright red-orange berries of fall.

I remind you to savor the beauty of your own body and to be resilient in the face of change. Experience the world with trust and joy, being open to the twists and turns of life, not as you planned, but as it happens. Intention is important. Being open to the moment is essential. Don’t worry if you encounter obstacles between point A and point B. Regard them with curiosity and patience. Straight lines are anathema in Nature. So it is with your life. Enjoy the curves, the bumps, the detours. They all add up to a full rich experience that blossoms and bears fruit.