April ~ Piñon

Pinon_Master_450_jpg_4993Hello! I am Piñon. My tree is round, robust and generous. My branches support lots of critters that land on me for a brief moment or a longer stay. Being well suited to the dry climate of the Southwest, I thrive in the sandy soil that I enrich with layers of needles, pine cones and old dead branches to make a rich fertile compost that feeds my roots.

I am a mother tree, providing food for birds, mammals and humans alike. You can come to me for nurturing, delicious nuts or a little shade. I can teach you how to have compassion for yourself and others. I can help mend the parts of your body that suffer from too much worry. My needles are a joy to cradle in your hand. I am calming. Think how you feel when you inhale the sweet scent of pine after a rainfall. I am happy to serve you and adopt you as part of my family. There is much caring and love here.