I am of the Family of Light and I’ve come to remind you how important it is for you to be fully grounded in the physical. You are Spirit and you are Human. What a combination! You sometimes spend way too much time in your head or trying to purify yourself to become more “spiritual,” ignoring your body.

Don’t forget that your spirit has taken a human form for a reason – to learn, to experiment, to experience the beauty of the world with human eyes and ears, to feel grounded by the gravity of the earth, pulling you towards its center, to delight in the smells and tastes of the earth, to feel the energy of walking, swimming, running, letting the wind embrace your body as it
flies by.

Be fully in your body and take good care of it. Talk to your body and listen to its message. Allow and encourage your body to feel joy at being alive – fully alive – using all your senses, in all its sensuality and sexuality. Love your body. Celebrate your physical form! This is the way Spirit expresses itself.