Shrubby Cinquefoil

Potentilla fruticosa_450_canstock

From a distance, I’m just a plain old bush with some little white flowers growing out of it…not especially flashy or colorful. But if you get up really close, you’ll see how beautiful those flowers are. Perspective counts! So does patience. My form is quite unique among the members of the rose family, as is my healing pattern.

Think of me in those moments when you find yourself saying, “I think I’m missing something here…” Often when you are looking for how to resolve a problem, the solution is staring you in the face. You are just too preoccupied to see it. You’re thinking too much. You’re stuck in the wrong lane.

I can help you see the bigger picture, look from a new angle, or allow in the details you’ve missed. If you let go of your single minded focus and relax your mind, the answers you seek can be accessed. Very helpful, don’t you think!