July ~ Fireweed

Fireweed_400_jpg_5337First you’ll notice my bright pink rounded petals. Between them are the dark red ones, slim, shaped like tongues of fire. I suggest fire, yet I bring you coolness. I can be found in forested areas, in meadows, beside trails and streams. I like wet places. My essence radiates peace and a feeling that all is well. I am the flower that rises from the blackened soil of a forest fire. When I show my face, you know that renewal has begun.

You humans use the expression of “burning a candle at both ends.” It becomes too hot to handle and too dangerous to put down. You are going in too many directions at once and not giving yourself a chance to stop… and reflect. Or stop and rest. Finally, you are burned out. There is nothing left.

I am the life that springs up after destruction. When your spirit feels overwhelmed and exhausted, that is a moment of truth. In that moment, I can help you to stop and allow yourself to regenerate. You can relax and rebalance. I bring you relief and refresh your spirit. You can start over. It is your chance to feel solid ground under your feet. Welcome back to earth!